As a manager, you will have so much on your table. It will be too much for you to handle at times. What should be done at such? Delegate. You are the manager, and it does mean you must manage everything. When it becomes too much call one of your staff give them instructions and let them do it for you. Ask those who tried, and they will tell for sure it works. Some managers fear to delegate thinking that they will be seen as lazy or their juniors will be good hence taking their place. As you trying to deal with the fears, read this article for amazing benefits that come with, delegation.



Delegation promotes teamwork. How? Doing assignments meant for someone else is the highest level of teamwork. It means you trust the other party with your work. At times you will have to stay for hours showing them what should be done. For a company to succeed, people should work together as a team. Delegation ensures that. When everyone is involved work goes faster and mistakes are not made as often.


A junior employee feels so nice knowing that the manager trusts them with their work. He or she will work hard and carefully to achieve the best. Motivation is a key to the success of an organization as well. On completion reward and appreciate them if work well done. In case of corrections, do so in a professional manner.

Better performance

When you have so much to do, possibilities are that you get poor results. Because you will be in a rush to finish up the files. You do not have to go through that as a manager. Tackle what you can handle and let the rest be done by others. Remember you still have other areas to supervise. When you concentrate too much on finishing up piles on your desk, you might end up ignoring important parts that need your supervision and correction. There is no need of having it all for yourself. That is why you have the other employees so that they can help in one way or the other. Good work is what determines success and progress. No matter how much work you do, promotions and appraisals will not come because of quantity but quality. Too much work on your table can make you drained hence not able to give quality